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Fazeek Wave Glass Set - Amber

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These delightful rippled glasses let you serve your favourite beverages in style.

Fuse elegance and fun with their eye-catching design and are perfect for any occasion.

All of the FAZEEK glassware is handmade, which means there can be some variations between pieces. Given the hand-blown nature of the glassware, you may come across some slight differences in shape, colour or finish. It is not uncommon to find some small bubbles or an extra small wave in our Wave glasses. We love these unique quirks and it is all part of the beauty of handmade products. 



Please be gentle with your new glassware as each piece is delicate, unique and handmade. This includes hand washing, not putting ice into the glassware before the liquid, and placing the pieces down gently onto hard surfaces.


Glassware Dimensions - 10cm high x 8cm wide