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Sunday Supply

Sunday Supply Natural Mineral Sunscreen

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Designed from the ground up to bring you natural sun protection, our mineral (physical) sunscreens are broad spectrum SPF 50, zinc-based, and made in Australia.

Complete in eco-friendly packaging and a recyclable aluminium tube, this unique non-nano formulation is reef-safe and broad spectrum, offering clean UV protection.

Reliable Core Ingredient

Non-nano zinc oxide is a nutrient-rich mineral, offering the safest physical protection from powerful rays without the harmful ingredients that some mineral and chemical sunscreens contain.

As the core active ingredient, this powerful natural barrier provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays with an SPF 50 rating. Designed as a body and facial sunscreen, our mineral sunscreens are ideal for sensitive skin and daily protection from sun exposure.

Make the most of beach days every day in good conscience — our mineral sunscreens are reef safe, ocean-friendly and cruelty-free, all while keeping 4 hours of water resistance.

We’ve used a combination of all-natural non-active ingredients, like coconut and castor oil, for their hydrating properties that make for easy application. A perfect combination of nourishment and natural UV protection for any skin tone.