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2787 Perfumes

Sample Vial - 27 87 #Hashtag Eau de Parfum

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2787's Now Line features scents to accompany and accentuate the day-to-day. #hashtag is no exception. Petal to the metal #hashtag is inspired by everyday digitalisation. Cool, yet deep and smoky, it combines Somalian incense, Moroccan cedarwood,  and iris from the Landes region. Blended with the metallic vibes of fresh aldehydes, it’s a mirror and companion to modern life: grounded with a hint of tech appeal. Made in Barcelona, Spain.

‐ Vegan
‐ Cruelty free
‐ Clean ingredients
‐ Gender-neutral
‐ Perfumer - Daniela Andrier
‐ Expertly crafted in Barcelona, Spain
‐ 2ml