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2787 Perfumes

2787 Hashtag 27ml Eau de Parfum

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Created by world renowned noses 27 87 perfumes are:

Long lasting

A single application in the morning will give a continuous scent all day long.

2787 scents cannot be found in any other form on the market anywhere else.

27 87 perfumes bring the ancient art of perfumery into the 21st century.
A fiesty perfume brand from Barcelona, which modernises traditional perfumery containing the finest ingredients, high quality artisanship and exclusive design with a touch of today's lifestyle. Inspired by tradition, driven by innovation to provoke and evoke extraordinary sensations that make us relive and create future memories.

Blog, tweet, regram. Life is the story we tell. #Hashtag is the story we smell.

Incense from Somalia,cedarwood from Morocco,iris from Lades and violet leaves from Egypt combined with fresh aldehydes give #hashtag its metallic touch and a uniqueness that totally reflects our modern times.

Eau de Parfum 87ml