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Goat Yoga

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Can you pull off these yoga poses? Can you do it with an inflatable goat on you?

The Goat Yoga craze blew up around the world a few years ago but this game makes it 10 times more fun and 100 times cleaner! The real deal comes with the needs of the animal and also the risk of being pooped on.

But this comes with a hilarious inflatable goat! Complete the poses and challenges without dropping the goat to win! It combines the zen of yoga without ignoring the absolute hilarity of it all!

A fun game for parties at any age!


  • Don't drop the goat!
  • Complete different poses or challenges
  • Will have the whole family giggling


  • Inclusions: Inflatable goat, 100 challenge cards, score pad, pencil, rules
  • Ages: 10 and older
  • Players: 2 or more people