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2787 Perfumes

Elixir De Bombe 87ml

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2787's Wild Line features scents for statement occasions - courageous and potent. Elixir de Bombe is no exception. This eau de parfum is catching fire! For exceptional moments and rare encounters: “elixir de bombe” unfolds in robust notes of red pepper, ginger, and tangy tangerine. Paired with rock rose, raspberry, and sweet caramel, it’s a scent both confident and slyly sensual. 2787's perfume bottles follow clear, minimalist lines that are a canvas — not a competition — for their content. The packaging for Elixir de Bombe is slick, red-hot — an homage to the wild and explosive. Expertly crafted in Barcelona, Spain. 87ml

Top notes: tangerine, red pepper, ginger
Mid notes: ylang-ylang, rock rose, raspberry
Low notes: caramel, leather, amber